Effects of Sea-Surface Waves and Ocean Spray on Ai_论文

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ADVANCES IN ATM 0SPHERIC SCIENCES,VOL.35,APRIL 2018,469—478  · O riginal Paper ·  Efects of Sea·Surface W aves and Ocean Spray on Air-Sea M om entum  Fluxes  Ting ZHANG 1·2 and Jinbao SONG.1,2  Ocean College,Zhejiang University,Zhoushan 3 1 6000,China  State Key Laboratory ofSatellite Ocean Environment Dynamics,Second Institute ofOceanography  State OceanicAdm inistralion,H angzhou 310012,China  (Received 23 Apr il 2017;revised 5 July 2017;accepted 7 August 2017)  ABSTRA CT  The efects of sea—surface waves and ocean spray on the marine atmospheric boundary layer(M ABL)at diferent wind  speeds and wave ages were investigated.A n M ABL m odel was developed that introduces a wave—induced com ponent and  spray force to the total sur face stress.The theoretical m odel solution was determined assum ing the eddy viscosity toe伍 cient  varied 1inearly with height above the sea sur face. The w ave~induced component w as evaluated using a directional w ave  spectrum  and grow th rate. Spray force w as described using interactions b e tween ocean—spray droplets and wind.velocity  shear.W ind profiles and sea—sur face drag coef i cients were calculated for low to high wind speeds for w ind—generated sea  at diferent wave ages to examine surface—wave and ocean—spray efects on M ABL momentum distr ibution.The theoretical  solutions were compared with model solutions neglecting wave—induced stress and/or spray stress.Sur face waves strongly  affected near-surface wind profiles and sea—surface drag coemcients at 1ow to moderate wind speeds.Drag coef i cients and  nea r—sur face wind speeds were lower for young than  for old waves.At high wind speeds.ocean—spray droplets produced by  wind—tearing breaking—w ave crests affected the M A BL strongly in com parison with surface waves.im plying that w ave age  afects the M A BL only negligibly.Low drag coefficients at high w ind caused by ocean—spray production increased turbulent  stress in the sea—spray generation 1ayer,accelerating near-sea—surface wind.Com paring the analytica1 drag coeI五cient values  with laborator y  m easurem ents and field observations indicated that surface w aves and ocean spray signif icantly afect the  M ABL at diferent wind speeds and wave ages.  Key words:drag coefi cient,marine atmospheric boundary layer,ocean spray droplets,sur face waves  Citation:Zhang,  ,and J.B.Song,201 8:Efects of sea—surface w aves and ocean spray on air-sea m om entum  f luxes.Adv  Atmos.Sci.,35(4),469-478,https://doi.org/